Finding Strength in Gospel Music

Finding Strength in Gospel Music

We just received this email this today, from a Nursing Care Facility in Michigan…

“Thank you for the three DVD’s of gospel music. What a perfect time to receive them. Many of our residents find a great deal of strength in their faith and gospel music is deeply meaningful to them. We will be setting up a schedule for these to be played daily. As you know, many nursing homes have had to restrict visitation and this includes visits from their pastors, music entertainers and their family. I visit our residents room to room and sing to them, often gospel songs because this means so much to them. I have sat at the bedside of many saints (and not so saintly) in their last days and sang to them. It is a great ministry.

We have a broadcasting station that will allow us to play this every day to all the rooms. I will be playing them at 11 am. So, if you think of it, lift our residents up in prayer at that time.

Thank God for putting this vision in your heart. This is going to be a great blessing.”

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